Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make Over Of The Month!!

I love when a client sits in my chair and says,"Do whatever you have to do, but this is what I want and need"
 Trust me and I will fix your hair fiasco! 

This busy mom came to me for a style that
would be an easy fix in the morning with minimal styling time!

Looking through her curly frizzy locks I decided we needed to do the Keratin Smoothing Treatment to give her the manageable texture to have a minimal styling time.

 She sat back with a good book, relaxed with a glass of wine and in two and a half hours this is her new style...

She was extremely happy with her new Merlot color, shoulder length a-line cut and now has a styling time of 10 minutes from towel dry to smooth and sexy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love the Pixie? So Do I. But Can You Wear it?

Short Cuts Are All The Rage This Holiday Season!
One of my Favorites is the Pixie!
Ahhh, the pixie. When Ginnifer Goodwin cut off her shoulder-length hair for the pixie, it was big news on beauty blogs. Other celebs followed suit and now there are enough gorgeous pixie cuts to choose from on your favorite Celeb!

Not everyone looks good in super-short hair, however. As a tall woman, I feel like I'd look like a pinhead with a pixie haircut, yet readers point out that Jamie Lee Curtis is tall and looks great with hers. Women who are petite look great with super-short cuts. Avoid this style if you are very overweight. You want more hair to balance out your body. It's also not a great look for women with long faces or super curly hair.

Short Hairstyles All The Rage This Holiday Season!

Which Cut Works Best With Your Face Shape?

Almost every woman can wear short hair. The secret is finding the right cut for your face shape and hair texture. 

 The #1 rule when choosing a short hairstyle: Choose a cut that flatters your face shape. Short cuts are popular because they make your features the center of attention. Here are a few tips that should help you: 

If you have a square face, show off your strong jaw with a bob that hits you at the jawbone. Make sure to ask your stylist for a "graduated bob" which is shorter in back and angles longer towards the front. Something similar to this cut on Christina Ricci.

If you have a round face, consider a short cut that ends an inch or two below the jawbone and has a few long layers, like this long bob on Sandra Bullock. I also love this pixie hairstyle on actress Ginnifer Goodwin. 

Many women with long face shapes have a high forehead. Cover up your large forehead with blunt or side-swept bangs like these..



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keep your color Warm this cold season!

Having your colorist (ME) weave in warmer lowlights will fight that washed-out look. When choosing the base color, think buttery or honey tones—not too platinum or beige. 

Richer, warmer tones will look fresher. “Cooler, ashy tones can be aging.” Also, if your hair and skin are fairly dark, ease into blondeness with a light-brown base, possibly sprinkled with highlights.That takes the edge off gray and allows you to test going golden. Then, if you like the results, you can go lighter later.

Cut Of the Month! Winter Chic...

     Try this chin length choppy bob this season! A perfect match for snugly turtle necks and sassy scarves. Remember the best fashion accessory is your hair!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Shave Off the Years!!!

  1. Add Bright Highlights Around Your Face -just like a bronzer perks up your skin, a few ribbon thin highlights scattered through your mane casts a subtle glow!

2. Sweep Bangs to One Side- blunt bangs draw attention to wispy hair and make wrinkles more obvious, whereas a soft swoop is forgiving and covers up fine lines.

3. Keep Short Hair Tousled- to keep this cut youthful, add volume to the roots with a volumizing mouse, I like UNITE EXPANDA Volume, Root Energizer.

 4. If You Have Fine Or Thinning Hair, Stick To A Cut That Is All One Length- to Maximize body in the hair go with a bob, or a "lob" the long bob, a collarbone length crop. These styles bounce and swing!

5.Go For Maximum Shine-Baby your hair, try not to use hot tools more than 5 times a week. You should do a hair mask at least every two weeks that contains shea butter or almond oil. Also consider an in salon treatment at least once every two months.
Also use a light weight shine spray, like UNITE U Luxury Oil.

Extension Time!

Andi is a beautiful blonde with some not so thick strands.
So we thickened her up with the ONE STEP WEFT Extensions!
  Check out this Blonde Bombshell and her long flowing hair!
Enjoy your new look, and your new hair!
 These extensions need to be tightened every 4-6 weeks and the hair lasts up to 10 months.
Extensions starting at $500-$800 Call for Appointments to get your long locks today!!
Ask for Ana!

Product of the Month of July!

7Seconds to Perfect Hair!

This is such a great product, the best leave in conditioner I have ever used!
 It can take out those knots in your strands while conditioning all hair types. It has a thermal protector so this product is perfect as a base before your daily product combinations. With UV protectors, this product locks in your color and prevents fading.

*A good trick for curly hair*
spritz strands on your second day after washing to refresh bounce and body in curls.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Blonde!!

The time has come, Tomorrow is the first day of summer! Yay!
You know what that means.... highlights!
 Sexy Brazilian beach blondes are on the rise, and they have come to the right place, to see me!
Julia is a gorgeous girl, but with sandy blond strands bringing her down :(

So we decided to brighten her up!

Looking sun kissed and ready for summer, she is rocking her new sassy style!

Sharing is Caring!

Giving time and lending my talent is very important to me as a professional stylist.
Here are some behind the scenes work of on the video shoot we did for the HALO Dance For Autism Foundation. 

Alison is a hard working mom who is spreading awareness for her son while looking gorgeous!

Check out the final cut of the video for the HALO Dance For Autism Foundation.

Hair and Makeup by Me :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Kim Kardashian Combo!

Ok everyone, I am about to share one of my best secrets!
Have you ever wanted Kim Kardashian's sexy waves with all the volume??
 But didn't know quite how to achieve her luscious locks??
Well here it is!!
This amazing combo will have your hair sexy smooth with a crazy amount of volume and bounce!
Apply in layers-
Boosta Spray, all over the hair roots to ends.
U Luxury Oil mid shafts to ends. (this product cuts blow drying time in half!)
Then Scruncha Gel Moues at roots to mid shaft.

Blow out with round brush and Oh La La!!

Please note: we know her hairstylists and this is the actual combo of products that is used!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Sure Sign It Is Time For A Trim!!

After you lather, rinse, repeat, and step out of the shower, do you notice your ends are fully dry?  Like, immediately--pretty much as soon as you managed to towel off and grab a comb and the rest of your hair was still soaking wet??
Well this is a sure sign that the ends of your hair are really dried out/parched and in need of a trim!

Try this: Add on a color gloss to help condition and smooth your ends! 
With a cut it is only a 30$ upgrade and it will add tons of shine and dimension back into your hair.

Take your Fierce Fringe back to FRESH and FABULOUS!

Fierce Fringe for Fab Friends!

Some of my favorite clients!! 
Lea and Lynda love to pamper their silky strands.
Lea travels all the way from Missouri to get her hair done with me. 
We do foils that give a "kissed by the sun" look and a base bump at the bowl with my secret sauce formula! 
Like Lea's locks, she has a bright sunny personality! 

Lynda is a local I love to chat with! 
Her color style frames her face with caramel highlight that lay like ribbons of shine.
This beautiful brunette's hair is foiled and cut to reflect her fun and flirty personality.

I love when my clients come in together, it's like a hair beauty chat club!

Great times with Great clients!!

On the Job.

This is just a quick blip of some of the photos that will be on my next add, and Porcelain Hair Studio website Behind the chair hair flair! 

Keep your eyes open for my next special! Out June 1st!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogging about Bloggers Blogging

Blogger Party at Porcelain Hair Studio!
So much fun!
 We pampered these ladies with everything our salon has to offer, Hair, Makeup, Nails and Waxing!  Champagne, wine, cheese, cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Yum.

This RDH, Emilar Rasmuzzn, got a sassy style and some fierce fringe with her beauty bundle.

Jennifer Smith was looking stunning with her sleek strands!
 Every lovely lady won a goodie!

A big Thank You to Traci for setting the blogger party up!