Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Shave Off the Years!!!

  1. Add Bright Highlights Around Your Face -just like a bronzer perks up your skin, a few ribbon thin highlights scattered through your mane casts a subtle glow!

2. Sweep Bangs to One Side- blunt bangs draw attention to wispy hair and make wrinkles more obvious, whereas a soft swoop is forgiving and covers up fine lines.

3. Keep Short Hair Tousled- to keep this cut youthful, add volume to the roots with a volumizing mouse, I like UNITE EXPANDA Volume, Root Energizer.

 4. If You Have Fine Or Thinning Hair, Stick To A Cut That Is All One Length- to Maximize body in the hair go with a bob, or a "lob" the long bob, a collarbone length crop. These styles bounce and swing!

5.Go For Maximum Shine-Baby your hair, try not to use hot tools more than 5 times a week. You should do a hair mask at least every two weeks that contains shea butter or almond oil. Also consider an in salon treatment at least once every two months.
Also use a light weight shine spray, like UNITE U Luxury Oil.

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