Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love the Pixie? So Do I. But Can You Wear it?

Short Cuts Are All The Rage This Holiday Season!
One of my Favorites is the Pixie!
Ahhh, the pixie. When Ginnifer Goodwin cut off her shoulder-length hair for the pixie, it was big news on beauty blogs. Other celebs followed suit and now there are enough gorgeous pixie cuts to choose from on your favorite Celeb!

Not everyone looks good in super-short hair, however. As a tall woman, I feel like I'd look like a pinhead with a pixie haircut, yet readers point out that Jamie Lee Curtis is tall and looks great with hers. Women who are petite look great with super-short cuts. Avoid this style if you are very overweight. You want more hair to balance out your body. It's also not a great look for women with long faces or super curly hair.

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