Saturday, March 31, 2012

Behind the Chair, Behind the Scenes!

I love working on editorial photo shoots. 
This one was exceptionally exciting, the model was a true Top Model! Her name is Chelsea Rose, she is a fierce model from Australia who came out to LA to do Fashion Week and book her third agency.
I had the pleasure of working with her and a great photographer Steve from SYCF Photography and Julie Figueroa, makeup artist.

Sometime you gotta get your Fierce Fringe trimmed and tamed!

The First look High Fashion Pony!

Second look, Polished Messy Fierce Fringe!

Love It!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The best part of getting your hair done just got Better!

Ok Fierce Fringe Fans, you get a real treat the next time you get your hair shampooed! 

Take a look at these posh porcelain bowls!

Come in and see me to get a Shampoo, Deep Conditioner Massage with a Silky Smooth Blow Dry for $35

 All with our Fabulous UNITE products.
Just mention your a Fierce Fringe Fan for the deal!

Porcelain Hair Studio 714-969-8722

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unite Product Of The Month!

This month I am So Very excited to share with you a NEW UNITE product!
Introducing U LUXURY Oil by UNITE.

This new product, U LUXURY, features a higher concentration of pure Argan Oil compared to other oils, a huge plus is this luxe formula reduces blow drying time while acting as a natural UV and Thermal protector.  Like a 3 in 1 drop of gold.

Made for all hair types and gentle enough to use everyday, U LUXURY Oil contains essential minerals that work to repair hair cuticles, adding weightless shine and offering incomparable frizz control. This Argan Oil-Infused styling essential enhances hair color's vibrancy (great for color junkies), nourishing and revitalizing hair to improve its overall health.

This is a "must have product"! I use in both wet and dry hair to give softness and shine with out the oily feel. You will feel the difference right away!

Come in and Get Some!

Fierce Fringe of March!

The Natural Look!
Natural highlights in any color hair is always a good look for spring! It will add shimmer and shine to flat fringe. Get your boost for the spring, before spring has sprung and your left behind with dull boring hair.

Email me about my new client 
Spring Special!

Top of the Class!

This week our salon, Porcelain Hair Studio, hosted a Goldwell color class. We had an awesome instructor for this class. Her name is Michelle Vance, she is a Technical Associate Educator for the Goldwell color line.
 This session was all about Colorance the "semi-permanent" color line within the Goldwell family. We covered topics on highlight techniques, advanced color techniques, and gray coverage for people who still want those wiry whites to blend naturally with the reflectiveness of a high gloss shine.

We practiced the alternating star pattern, through the crown of the doll head we alternated level 4 and 5 violet and neutral colors.

It is VERY important to take refresher courses and keep up with the newest and hottest trends. 
Thank you to Michelle for coming to Porcelain Hair Studio and helping is perfect our Fierce Fringe techniques.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fringe Fixes!

Have you ever blown out your hair, got the style just like you wanted it and then, boing!! those little flyaways pop up all over the top near your part? 

Well to fix those little crazy strands, just spray your palm with some strong hold hairspray.
 I like GO365 hairspray by UNITE.
(Hairspray is much lighter and more effective than using a gloss serum or pomade.)

Then smooth your hands together to evenly distribute the spray, very lightly pat and smooth down the strands and gather tips of hair to help blend those stubborn guys into the rest of your fierce fringe!

Ta-Dah no more flyaways!

New This Week..

Today I had a visit form one of my Most Fabulous clients. She got a chic bob cut with graduation and soft layers in the back. 

Looking good Gloria!