Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top of the Class!

This week our salon, Porcelain Hair Studio, hosted a Goldwell color class. We had an awesome instructor for this class. Her name is Michelle Vance, she is a Technical Associate Educator for the Goldwell color line.
 This session was all about Colorance the "semi-permanent" color line within the Goldwell family. We covered topics on highlight techniques, advanced color techniques, and gray coverage for people who still want those wiry whites to blend naturally with the reflectiveness of a high gloss shine.

We practiced the alternating star pattern, through the crown of the doll head we alternated level 4 and 5 violet and neutral colors.

It is VERY important to take refresher courses and keep up with the newest and hottest trends. 
Thank you to Michelle for coming to Porcelain Hair Studio and helping is perfect our Fierce Fringe techniques.

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