Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Blonde!!

The time has come, Tomorrow is the first day of summer! Yay!
You know what that means.... highlights!
 Sexy Brazilian beach blondes are on the rise, and they have come to the right place, to see me!
Julia is a gorgeous girl, but with sandy blond strands bringing her down :(

So we decided to brighten her up!

Looking sun kissed and ready for summer, she is rocking her new sassy style!

Sharing is Caring!

Giving time and lending my talent is very important to me as a professional stylist.
Here are some behind the scenes work of on the video shoot we did for the HALO Dance For Autism Foundation. 

Alison is a hard working mom who is spreading awareness for her son while looking gorgeous!

Check out the final cut of the video for the HALO Dance For Autism Foundation.

Hair and Makeup by Me :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Kim Kardashian Combo!

Ok everyone, I am about to share one of my best secrets!
Have you ever wanted Kim Kardashian's sexy waves with all the volume??
 But didn't know quite how to achieve her luscious locks??
Well here it is!!
This amazing combo will have your hair sexy smooth with a crazy amount of volume and bounce!
Apply in layers-
Boosta Spray, all over the hair roots to ends.
U Luxury Oil mid shafts to ends. (this product cuts blow drying time in half!)
Then Scruncha Gel Moues at roots to mid shaft.

Blow out with round brush and Oh La La!!

Please note: we know her hairstylists and this is the actual combo of products that is used!